About Poltava

Poltava has a first documentary record about the city named Ltava is mentioned in the Hypatian Chronicle in 1174. According to the Chronicle, Prince Ihor Svyatoslavovych Siverskyi in 1174, pursuing hordes of Kobyak and Konchak, Polovets khans, crossed Ltava river, and moved in the direction of Pereyaslov, where prince’s armed forces defeated Polovets warriors.

This date had been decided to be the date of Poltava foundation until 1999. In 1974 it was the 1st time when Ukrainian people celebrated 800 years of Poltava. But the city was founded much earlier than it had been mentioned in the Chronicle. Further archaeological researches proved constant people’s residence in Poltava since VIII-IX centuries.

Poltava history

Founded by Slavic-Siveryan people in IX century, fortified settlement, located on Ivanova mountain, became a cornerstone of the development of the Old Rus city in X-III century. Contemporary archaeological researches proved that the city had been founded in 899.

Siveryans (one of the Slavic nations) tribal union, Khazarskyi Kaganat, Kyiv Rus are the first stages of historic steps of the settlement in the composition of the first state formations on Poltava territories. The traces of remote epochs were reflected in the peculiarities of the city name which was gradually changing: Ltava-Oltava-Poltava.

Some scholars believe that possible meanings of this word are connected with Slavic words ‘fence’, ‘fence enclosed city’. Others believe that city name is connected with old Rus tradition to call settlements with the names of rivers which flowed nearby. And since the nearest river was Ltava (right confluent of Vorskla), the city was named in its honor. The name of the river in itself is connected with Old Aryan word combination ‘boggy river’.


The administrative structure of the region comprises 25 districts, 5 cities of the regional submission, 10 cities of district submission, 21 towns, 1854 villages.
In the regional center – the city of Poltava –  there live 315 thousand people.

Poltava map

The biggest cities of the regional submission are: Kremenchuk – 232,3 thousand people, Lubny – 51,7, Коmsomolsk – 54,4, Мyrgorоd – 42,4 thousand people.
Poltava region is situated in a forest and steppe zone. Forests cover 7.4 % of the territory; soils are mainly chernozem (blackearth).

Climate is temperate, continental. Winter is relatively soft, with light frosts and frequent thaws. The average temperature in January according to long-term observations is 6.8-degree centigrade below zero. Summer is warm and dry. The hottest month is July, as a rule. The average temperature in July is 20.9-degree centigrade above zero.

Poltava region is known for iron ore extraction, production, and processing of oil and gas, manufacture of lorries, diamond tools, turbines, knitted wear, leather footwear, refined clothes, grains, sugar, vegetable oil, confectionery products etc.

Mineral water from Мyrgorod district is the top brand in Ukraine. Agricultural production from the region is consumed in Ukraine as well as is exported to many countries.

Engineering industry, food industry, light industry and production of construction materials are well-developed in the city of Poltava.

Poltava region is the leading oil and gas-extracting region in Ukraine. About 40% of Ukrainian gas and each fifth ton of oil and condensate are extracted in the Poltava region, which has unique deposits of fuel, energy, and mineral raw materials. Industrial workings on them have begun in the 1950s at Radchenko oilPoltava golden ears field in Мyrgorod district.

There are a lot of historic and cultural monuments, places for leisure activities and entertainment, quiet avenues, and squares. Poltava takes third place on people welfare in Ukraine. Poltava citizens are nice and friendly people. Poltava has been famous for its hospitality from time immemorial. Moreover, Poltava girls are the prettiest girls in the world and if you are looking for your match you may be lucky in Poltava!

The city is more than 12 hundred years old, however, it is still young and is annually becoming nicer!