Admission centre


USMA Admission Centre is working to make all necessary arrangements for admissions of foreign students in UKRAINIAN MEDICAL AND DENTAL ACADEMY. The UMSA admission center’s main activities are the following:

Make advertisements through the internet, TV, Newspapers locally and internationally

Provide complete information to students about UMSA and admission process

Issuance of invitation letters to deserving candidates.

Assist students in visa processing

Receiving students at the airports and complete the admission process

Appoint local agents for recruitment of students

Issuance of authorization certificate to agents for recruitment

Provide printed materials to agents about UMSA

Provide complete information to agents about Ukraine, POLTAVA, and UMSA.

Provide information to agents about admission & visa process for students.

Settlement of students in UMSA Hostels after their arrival

Opening of bank accounts for students at a bank in University Campus

Provide new students with learning materials



International activity is one of the important areas of the Academy’s work, which is closely linked to scientific and educational processes. It focuses on accelerating the exchange of knowledge and technology, the development of innovative forms of medical education and science based on the study of foreign experience.

One of the priority tasks of the VSIA “UMSA” in the direction of international cooperation remains the creation of conditions for further development of scientific cooperation with foreign health care institutions, medical educational institutions through the establishment and development of direct contacts, the continuous collection and analysis of information on the possibility of cooperation with educational and medical institutions abroad, participation in international educational and scientific programs, competitions, conferences, invitation of foreign teachers, internships, undergraduate and graduate students abroad.

The most effective forms of international cooperation that are implemented at the Academy include:

-development and implementation of partner bilateral programs of cooperation with foreign universities;

-design and implementation of the Cooperation Agreements;

– participation in international educational and scientific projects;

– development and implementation of international scientific and educational projects in the field of medicine;

– cooperation with international organizations, embassies of foreign countries in Ukraine and diplomatic representations of Ukraine abroad;

– membership in international organizations;

– cooperation with scientific and educational institutions of Europe and the world;

– participation in international exhibitions, scientific and educational forums;

– internships for teachers and students, graduate students abroad;

– organization and conducting of international seminars, conferences;

– -preparation of medical personnel for foreign countries;

-Advertising activities of the Academy’s educational services to attract new students from among foreign citizens.

The main activities of the Department of International Relations are:

– exchange of teaching staff and students between the academy and its foreign partners;

– interaction of the academy with international organizations in the field of medical education;

– organization and implementation of cooperation with advanced clientele of foreign countries;

– organization and conducting of international events (conferences, seminars, meetings, master classes), internships for students and academics abroad;

– the attraction of foreign specialists to the academic process in the academy;

– organization and coordination of work on the implementation of international scientific and educational projects and programs, etc.