UMSA Departments

Training facilities

The Academy created the material base, which generally meets the requirements of the appropriate level of training. All the departments are equipped with computers. Improvement of education promotes the use of new information technologies that provide for in the learning process of technical training. The training process is widely used educational software control, multimedia teaching aids and textbooks. Computer testing is used effectively during the basic, intermediate, final and final control of student training.

Read lectures to students in lecture halls equipped with modern facilities for the demonstration (including multimedia projectors).

Collection of the library of the Academy is the foundation of the learning process information, answers and profile assignments Medical Academy and has 591,477 copies.

Clinical Department of the school are located in the best of regional and urban health care institutions of Poltava. Thus, the material and technical base of the Academy and the number of beds, which is used in the training process, allow for the educational process, scientific research and clinical training of students to date.


Training is conducted in the following specialties:

“Medicine” – the term of 6 years of training;

“Dentistry” – training period of 5 years;

For those wishing to continue post-graduate training provides the right to enter:

clinical training with a training period 2-4 years;

graduate school with the possibility of defending a thesis for the degree with a training period of 3 years;

The main content of the curriculum

Training is conducted in accordance with the national curriculum and plans approved by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health.

Curriculum predusmatrivaket two stages of undergraduate medical training: pre-clinical and clinical. Structure of the curriculum is focused on compliance logical teaching disciplines that make up the corresponding cycles of training: the humanitarian and socio-economic, natural science, professional.

During 6 years of training in “general medicine” volume of the educational process is 11,826 hours

Among them:

Humanitarian and socio-economic training


Science training




including o professionally oriented basic science


o medical and preventive discipline


o professionally oriented disciplines


Elective courses


Manufacturing Practice


Over 5 years of training in the specialty, “dentistry” amount of educational process is 11,016 hours

Among them:



Humanitarian and socio-economic training


Basic science




including o professionally oriented basic science


o medical and preventive discipline


o professionally oriented disciplines


including dental profile


Elective courses


Manufacturing Practice


The number of students in the academic groups 8-10.

During training, students are trained in basic medical specialties. They participate in the examination of patients, emergency care, work in X-ray rooms, clinical and biochemical laboratories. Special place in clinical rounds, monitoring of patients, registration of case and their subsequent analysis.

There are 53 departments at Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy (UMSA) :

·         Human Anatomy

·         Obstetrics and Gynecology

·         Rate Anestheiology

·         Medical Biology, Parasitology and Genetics, Medical and Biological Physics and Medical Informatics

·         Medical and Biological Physics and Medical Informatics

·         Internal Medicine with care

·         General Hygiene, Ecology and Safety in Medicine

·         Histology, Cytology and Embryology

·         Pediatrics Number 2

·         Internal Medicine № 2 of occupational Diseases

·         Surgery Number 2

·         Pediatric Dentistry therapy with prevention of dental diseases

·         Pediatric Surgery

·         Pediatric Surgery and Dentistry Propaedeutics surgical dentistry in reconstructive surgery of head and neck

·         Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology of klinichnoyuimunolohiyeyu and Allergology

·         Endocrinology course of physical rehabilitation, sports medicine and exercise

·         Family Medicine and therapy

·         General Surgery of care of the patients (of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy)

·         Foreign Languages of Latin language and Medical Terminology

·         Infectious Diseases Epidemiology

·         Microbiology, Virology and Immunology

·         Medicine Emergency and military medicine

·         Medical, physical and colloid, Bioorganic and biological Chemistry

·         Nervous Diseases of Neurosurgery and Medical Genetics

·         Physiology

·         Oncology

·         Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy

·         Orthodontics and postgraduate education of doctors, orthodontists

·         Orthopedic Dentistry Implantology

·         Otorhinolaryngology of Ophthalmology

·         Ophthalmology

·         Patomorphology of section rate

·         Pathophysiology

·         postgraduate education of dentists

·         postgraduate education of dentists, orthopedists

·         Internal Medicine and Medical Emergency Conditions

·         Radiology, radiation therapy and nuclear medicine

·         internal medicine with care

·         Pediatrics № 1 of propaedeutical pediatrics and pediatric infectious diseases

·         Therapeutic Stomatology

·         Psychiatry, Addiction and Medical Psychology

·         Social Medicine, Organization and Health Economics of Biostatistics

·         Therapeutic Stomatology

·         Traumatology and Orthopedics

·         Urology, Medical sexology of anesthesiology and intensive care

·         Internal Medicine № 1 of the professional diseases

·         Surgery Number 1

·         Physical Education and Health

·         Philosophy, Social Sciences, Ukrainian and Ukrainian language

·         Physiatry of Pediatric Surgery

·         Surgical Diseases of Traumatology and Orthopedics

·         Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery with basic dentistry

·         skin and sexually transmitted diseases with Forensic Medicine