Honors of university

Continuing the tradition of the Department of Internal Medicine №1, in the 2015-2016 academic year the proposal of the head of department Prof. Skrypnyk IM it was a contest for the best academic medical history among students of 4th year Medical Faculty №1, №2 Medical Faculty and Faculty for foreign students.

Writing history 4th year – a mandatory component of the educational process. This is a summary of theoretical material mastering the methods of diagnosis, treatment and mastering practical skills examination of patients of therapeutic profile that promotes creativity and the formation of clinical thinking of future doctors.

All the above components are taken into account in assessing the work of students. Following the contest third place was shared by 9 student of the Medical Faculty №1 Skripnichenko Alina and 32 student groups Faculty training foreign students Raheem Dzhubril, second place went 7 student of the Medical Faculty №1 Wladyslaw Ostrowski. The best medical history was recognized 20 student of the Medical Faculty №1 Sergey Litvinenko

Also, students were awarded for scientific achievements and work in student scientific circle of the department. Student 7 of the Medical Faculty №1 Skrypnyk Roman won second place in the National competition of student research papers on natural, technical and humanities in “Clinical Medicine”, held 22-23 March 2016 in Bukovina state medical university.

1 student of the Medical Faculty №1 Lopyrova Lyudmila won third place at the Third International Congress of medical and pharmaceutical students and young scientists “Priorities and prospects of youth science», BIMCO 2016, held in the city. Chernovtsy 6-8 April 2016 at the Bukovina State medical University.

All winners were able to replenish their libraries premium instances of scientific publications department staff, which were presented to each winner.