Remembering V.A. Delvy

June 8 in the reading room of the library hosted the event, dedicated to honoring the memory of V. Delvy – Rector of Poltava Medical Dental Institute (1974-1987 biennium).
The event was organized Department of Nervous Diseases of Neurosurgery and Medical Genetics.

In 1974, MD, Professor V. Delva led Poltava Medical Dental Institute and Department of neurology PMSI. His scientific works are devoted to the most urgent problems of Neurology – vascular pathology of the brain lesions of the peripheral nervous system and hereditary diseases of the nervous system. During the period of his start in life were more than 4,000 physicians. In addition, he – the writer, novelist. Artistic and documentary works by Victor Alexandrovich “We were here for a long time”, “Two years before the war,” “in Grozny played forty-first” dedicated to the theme of war.

Participants watched with interest book exhibition “Heart without rest”, which were presented scientific papers and literary works of Professor VA Delvy.